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So you’ve done all the sign up offers, now what? Reloads are the key to unlocking ongoing profit from matched betting.

Reload offers are similar to the sign up offers, but bookies offer reloads to existing customers as a way of incentivising you to keep betting with them.

And guess what? You can take advantage of these like you already have for some of the sign-up offers. Be sure to check out my original post in this thread.

You can find the latest reload offers in the  Reloads Forum – either posted by myself or from one of our members. They will have enough guidance to help you along the way, and if you have any questions all you need to do is ask away on the relevant thread.

In order to keep your account open it’s important to place a ‘normal’ bet here and there so that it’s not obvious we’re only interested in squeezing out their promotions. We call these ‘mug bets’ (but more on that later).

Straightforward Reloads

Some of the offers for existing customers are as straightforward as the simplest signup offers. For the most part you can follow the same strategy as the Bet A Get Y offers.

Paddy Power £5 Per Goal

paddy power offer

Every now and again Paddy Power will select a particular game and have this offer on. The best way to go about these is to bet £20 on the favourite and lay off on the exchange.

Betway sometimes offers the same promotion and Genting Bet will do a similar one, offering a £1 free bet for all goals scored when you bet £10.

As mentioned earlier these follow the same strategy as a Bet A Get Y offers, the only notable difference is that you don’t know much the free bet is until after the game has finished – and in some instances there may not be a free bet at all.

In-Play Betting

Many reload offers will require either the qualifying or free bet (or both) to be placed in-play. For in-play betting the odds can fluctuate a lot. Initially it can seem like a lot of effort to get your bets in whilst the game is being played, flicking between the bookmaker page and Betfair’s and the bet calculator at the same time.

A simple way to get around this is to place the bets at half-time, or any other designated break period for the sport you’re betting on. If you do this you can be sure your bets will fully match as the odds won’t move as much.

Ladbrokes £10 In-Play Free Bet

ladbrokes in play offer

A regular reload offer from Ladbrokes

This is usually on a weekly basis, the only caveat is that the qualifying and free bet must be placed on the selected match in a specified time frame (as it’s in-play).

‘Risk Free’ Bets

A bookmaker will often advertise a bet being ‘risk-free’ if they offer to refund the losing bet as a free bet. At first it may be tempting to place a qualifying bet and lay off, but if the bet wins with the bookmaker the free bet won’t be credited.

Bet365 £50 In-Play Offer

bet365 in play offer

This is arguably the best reload out there, where bet365 will award a £50 completely risk-free in-play bet when you bet £50 pre-match. Some bookies will call a bet 'risk-free' if it's refunded as a free bet should it lose, although in this instance the free bet is given as cash.

Free Bet if XYZ

Offers like these are generally of less value than the ones mentioned above, but are usually still worth doing. These can be done by placing an eligible qualifying bet and laying off as normal. If the trigger occurs then you’re quids in, otherwise accept the qualifying loss and move on to the next offer.

As a rule of thumb the more likely ‘XYZ’ is the more value the offer has.

188BET £25 Free Bet if X Scores

This is an example of a good offer of the sort. There’s a good chance Aguero will score in this match – and this is reflected by the lay odds on Betfair.

Price Boosts

These are often forgotten about and can be a tidy little earner if you do regularly take them. Don’t forget, the bookmakers want you to take these – they’re on the home page for a reason!

Have a read through our price boosts thread for more information.

Know where your money is

Remember - it’s really important to keep a record of all the bets you’re placing! We take care of this for you with our offer flows, but sometimes you may need to add it manually if the offer is invite only. So just make sure to keep an eye on your personal bet tracker!

bet tracker

We’ve also got some nifty spreadsheets within our list of useful resources.

When you start to get into the groove of the reloads, I would consider using Skrill. It’s basically like having another bank account – just for betting.


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