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Last update: June 06, 2023 01:00
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Event Back Bet Back Odds Lay Odds Profit
SJK v VPS Thu 8 Jun 16:15 VPS to Win 6 6.6 £22.71
Man City v Inter Sat 10 Jun 20:00 Draw 4.5 4.9 £21.42
Fiorentina v West Ham Wed 7 Jun 20:00 Draw 3.2 3.3 £20.00
Mito v Renofa Yamaguchi Wed 7 Jun 11:00 Renofa Yamaguchi to Win 3 3.25 £18.46
Toronto v Nashville SC Sun 11 Jun 00:30 Nashville SC to Win 2.6 2.88 £16.66

Matching a bet on SJK v VPS

  1. Go to Smarkets and make sure you have at least £127.29 in your account. Leave this window open too.

    This is the "Liability" amount needed to cover the "Lay" bet. Don’t worry we’ll be getting it back.
  2. On Betfred place a £30.00 bet on VPS to Win at Odds 6. Simply click on the decimal odds to bring up the betting slip, and make sure you select your free bet!

  3. On Smarkets find the same match. Then click on the lay odds containing 6.6 (a blue button) and type £22.73 under "Stake". This is the backers stake on VPS to Win. Confirm your bet.

    You have now matched the bet you made on Betfred!

On this free bet you will make a profit of £22.71 regardless of the outcome! You'll never get the full £30.00 as profit since the free bet is not returned.

Now just sit back once again and wait for the outcome of the event to be decided! Then pick another bookmaker from the dropdown menu above to profit from.

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